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These videos follow the groundwork training for Fancy, a filly rescued in 2008. Scott Downs and Fancy progress from round pen training through extensive desensitizing exercises. Additionally, she was taught to accept a halter and lead, disengage her hind and forequarters, lunge, stand tied, send, and yield to pressure. Initially, Fancy was very distrustful of humans. Watch as Scott leads her through these exercises and helps her to realize that humans aren't so bad after all.  Page 2 videos start with her under saddle and on her first ride in the round pen. She then progresses to a ride through an outdoor obstacle course and then a few refining rides in an arena. Finally, Scott takes Fancy for her first trail ride through the woods alone, where they finds all kinds of obstacles to work with.

Fancy's Training Day 1

Round Pen Training

Fancy's Training Day 2

Halter and Lead

Fancy's Training Day 3

Disengaging the Hindquarters

Fancy's Training Day 4, part 1

Disengaging the Forequarters

Fancy's Training Day 4, part 2

Lunging, Sending, Yielding to Pressure

Fancy's Training Day 5

Desensitizing to Spooky Objects

Fancy's Training Day 6

More Desensitizing

Fancy's Training Day 7

Desensitizing and Tying

Fancy's Training Day 8

Desensitzing and Walking Over Tarps

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