Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and relocate horses in life-threatening situations and to promote proper and  safe interaction between human and horse through education.



  • to prevent abuse and neglect of horses.

  • to develop a public learning center to enable us to host seminars and horsemanship clinics.

  • to educate our community about horses, proper care and treatment of horses, and horsemanship.

  • to partner with higher education.

  • to work with the disabled, troubled youth, veterans and therapeutic riding groups.

  • to build a system of trails on our farm for use by members.

  • to construct an arena and obstacle course.

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"If you are fond of a horse and wish to do him a real favor - train him well. Teach him good manners, good habits, both in the stable and under the saddle. You need never worry about the future of such a horse if for any reason, you may have to part with him. You assure him of friends wherever he goes. Perhaps the greatest kindness you can do any horse is to educate him well." Tom Roberts - The Young Horse