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Become a Member

Because we are a completely volunteer organization, we rely on our members for all sorts of things like:


  • Grooming horses

  • Cleaning Stalls and assisting with turn out

  • Hauling horses

  • Photography and videography

  • Fundraising assistance

  • Grant writing

  • Helping at seminars, clinics, and other events

  • Website updates


You don't need to own a horse to be a member. You don't need to have experience with horses. The only thing you need to have is a passion for animals and a willingness to help achieve our mission. Volunteers are the center of our success. You can commit to as much time as you choose. We have opportunities that can be scheduled or you can give your time on an as-needed basis. 


There are multiple levels of our membership program, including an opportunity to be part of our group insurance (details below). It's up to you what level suits you best.

Step 1 - complete the
Step 2 - choose and pay for type of membership

Annual Individual Membership - $25
Liability Insurance is not included.

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Annual Family Membership - $45

Liability Insurance is not included.

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Annual Horse Club Individual Membership - $55

Includes Individual Membership and Liability Insurance.

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Annual Horse Club Family Membership - $80
Includes Family Membership and Liability Insurance.

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Members receive:


  • Horse Club members receive $1,000,000.00 Personal Excess Equine Liability Insurance to help protect you from financial loss for property damage or injury to people your horse might cause. This protection follows you anywhere - at home, boarding stable, show or on the trail. 

  • Reduced fees for clinics.

  • Free or reduced fee admission to educational seminars.

  • Access to a large network of equine professionals to help with all of your horse questions.

  • Invitations to all SCEA events.

Insurance Details and Coverage Description 

$1,000,000 Excess Personal Liability Insurance


The Master Policy is intended to provide coverage for the insureds EXCESS PERSONAL LIABILITY in respect to those sums the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages because of accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to property or personal injury to which the Master Policy applies, which occurs only while the insureds are engaged in a “covered activity”. Underwriters have the right, but not the duty, to defend any “suit” seeking those damages. The use and/or ownership of a horse or horse-drawn vehicle is understood to include: a. riding a horse on the public highway or elsewhere; b. leading a horse along the public highway or elsewhere; c. driving a horse-drawn vehicle; d. grazing or stabling a horse or circumstances where the horse is not in your control.


In the event of the insured giving permission for any person to use their horse or horse-drawn vehicle, such person will also be indemnified. If a family membership is purchased “insured” shall also mean their resident spouse and resident children under 18 years of age. No coverage is provided for liability arising out of any business or profession or the use of a horse-drawn vehicle for hire or the practice or preparation for or participation in racing under the rules of any legally constituted racing authority or for use when equestrian is your primary means of transport.


Disclaimer: This service is provided by Equisure, Inc. in cooperation with Second Chance Equine Association. This program is not a source of revenue for Second Chance Equine Association.  Association Resource Group Purchasing Group (the Master Policy holder) has arranged coverage with Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London using Equisure, Inc. as the agent.

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