SCEA is beginning a new chapter in the life of our organization. Our vision has been to have a place of our own where both horse and horseman can thrive; a place that will act as a safe harbor for neglected and abused horses; a place where they can be rehabilitated physically and emotionally; a place where horse people can experience activities that promote good, safe horsemanship through clinics and events; a place that can be ready to aid and assist in rescues at any point in time. In order for SCEA to do this, we needed a place of our own.


As many of you know, for the past 8 years we have been lucky enough to lease the 106 acre farm that we call home. We have made limited improvements to the property such as replacing the roof and run-in portion of the barn. We tore down a dilapidated and dangerous old barn and installed water and electric. Past those improvements, many on the Board of Directors were reluctant to spend more money on the on the farm because, had we lost the lease, any money spent would have been lost.

Dr. Gordon earned his DVM at Ohio State, interned at the University of Minnesota, earned a Masters Degree in Applied Surgical Physiology, and did several residencies in Equine Medicine and Surgery. He has served as the Minnesota Racing Commission State Regulatory Veterinarian. Dr. Gordon was recognized by the United States Pony Clubs as a National Instructions Legend at the 2004 Jubilee Celebration for his service to the USPC. In 2013, he was a recipient of the United States Pony Clubs Founders Award for 2013.

A few months ago the owner made an offer for us to buy the farm. After many discussions and meetings, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to authorize purchase of the property. The sale was finalized on November 8th, 2018. 


While the purchase opens up many possibilities, it also brings added responsibilities and commitment from our Board and our volunteers. We have identified many areas in both the facility and our organization that need to be improved. We need to increase our active membership and our fundraising capabilities.


Our vision is being realized and we are at a crossroads. The path the Board of Directors chose is a make or break decision for Second Chance. We are committed, in the name of the horse, to fulfill our financial obligations in order to be here for the entire equine community. We need your help financially and we need your help physically. We have many plans  cutting trails, building an obstacle course, erecting an arena for hosting clinics, events and fundraising activities, all for the betterment of our equine friends.  

SCEA is nonprofit and completely volunteer. NO ONE is paid. All expenses, veterinary bills and services provided are paid for through generous donations, fundraising events, and yearly memberships. Become a member and join us as we continue our journey...

Second Chance Equine Association
P.O. Box 193 • Norvelt, PA 15674

Phone: (724) 635-5549

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