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Scott Downs Horsemanship

May 27 - 29, 2022


Hands-on Horseman Clinic

When I was a kid all I knew about horse training was, if you get bucked off, get back on. Show them who’s boss. Today, there is so much more information and knowledge about what we call natural horsemanship. What surprises me, is why so many people have not taken advantage of this knowledge. The principles that we will be teaching in our Hands-on Horsemanship Clinic is nothing new to today’s horsemen and horsewomen.

Now I love online YouTube videos and Instructional DVDs but there’s only so much you can get by watching someone else do it. The value of coming to a clinic like ours is the hands-on experience with a qualified instructor. You may do 98% of the correct things with your horse and still not accomplish what you want because of that missing 2%. With a hands-on coach, you have the opportunity to have that corrected.

If you’re interested in becoming a better horseman or horsewoman, developing a better relationship with your horse, and getting a little insight of yourself, consider coming to the clinic.

Here are a few things that you’ll need:

        1.      An open mind
        2.      4- knot training halter
        3.      12 foot heavy lead rope
        4.      Stick and string

If you do not have any of these you can purchase them at the clinic. I’m looking forward to having some fun while passing along helpful, insightful information to both you and your horse. See you soon!

Location: the Downs farm at 1140 Thermo Village Road in New Stanton PA


Friday 6:30 pm. 

        1.      Orientation
        2.      Round pen demonstration
        3.      Question and answer session

Saturday 8:00 am. to 4:00 pm.

Basic groundwork:
    1.  Desensitization
    2.  Backups (4)
    3.  Disengage hindquarters
    4.  Disengage forequarters
    5.  Flexing
    6.  Lounging

Under saddle:
    1.  Flexing
    2.  Disengage hindquarters
    3.  One rein stop
    4.  Rein management

Sunday 8:00 am. to 4:00 pm.


Basic groundwork:
    1.  Finding sanctuary
    2.  Leading
    3.  Sending
    4.  Side passing
Under saddle:
     1.  Draw to a stop
     2.  Transitions
     3.  Side passing
     4.  Backing up

● Cost: $350 per participant.

● Participation limited to 10 riders.


● Horse health requirements: In state horses require a current negative Coggins test. Out of state horses require a current health certificate and negative Coggins test.

● $20 per day to audit the clinic.

● Stalls $25 per weekend. Hay and bedding available for sale or bring your own.

Call Scott at 724-493-8314 to register for the clinic or for any questions.

To reserve your spot, complete the Registration and Liability Waiver by clicking the button below. After submitting the registration, mail a check for $350 to:

Scott Downs
1140 Thermo Village Road
New Stanton PA 15672

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