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Hi my name is Star! I'm a roughly 13 year old bay Quarter Horse mare and stand at about 15-15.2 hh. When I came to SCEA I was very malnourished and had an ulcer in my right eye. I've gained weight beautifully and the ulcer in my eye has healed, you can still see it but I can see perfectly out of it and it doesn't bother me! I currently have a wound on my back left hock that is healing because Max was annoying me and I thought it was a great idea to kick the stall. But SCEA has been taking care of me and I give them no problems when treating my booboo.


 I am the sweetest girl when it comes to my human family. I'll follow you around and let you give me all the lovins. They say I stand great for the vet and farrier and basically let you do anything you want to me. I load and unload wonderfully. When it comes to the other horses here I decided I was the boss. I do play nice but I made sure they know I'm in charge. I also make a funny dinosaur noise when one of them makes me mad. I love to run and kick and roll. I have also gotten better at lunging now that I am starting to remember things and being worked with.


I am broke, and did well under saddle when our trainer was on me. They say I do have to tell you, when they initially put me in the round pen for evaluation I had some attitude with being told what to do. What?! I'm a strong, independent, woman, who hasn't had to do work for who knows how long. But I did learn quickly that it was easier to do what was asked of me than to try and get my way.


I would be better for an experienced rider just due to the fact that it has been awhile since I've been rode. SCEA thinks a month or two with a trainer would bring out the absolute best in me. I know I have a lot of love and snuggles to give and have such a willingness to learn and will make someone very happy. If you think I could be a perfect match for you and you a perfect match for me, fill out an application and refer back to the "Adoption process" post to know what steps to follow.


I just know my forever family is out there somewhere. I can't wait to meet you.

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