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Oh hi, I’m Red. Nice to meet you. SCEA thinks I’m a 11-15 year old Morgan / QH gelding. 


My story with SCEA has been a long one. I have been in foster home for 3.5 years, living with one of SCEA’s members so I could have lots of work and attention. My past is pretty unknown but it must have been a dark one. When I was rescued I was pretty much feral. Someone along the line must not have been very nice to me because I didn’t trust anyone, at all. As time went on though I started to learn the nice people at SCEA weren’t so bad, and I slowly but surely started to trust. Even little things such as haltering and petting were a huge deal for me. I had a lot of small victories, and now almost 4 years later it's a night and day difference. 


I am the sweetest boy and have a great disposition. I am fantastic with ground work and liberty commands, loading, unloading, and standing for the vet and farrier. They even used me to help teach some of our SCEA members liberty training. I have never offered to strike, bite, or kick. I’m an easy keeper and get along well with a herd. Anything you ask I’ll do. There’s just one fear I have not gotten over, and that's something being on my back. They have tried but it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me. Something from before really left a negative impact that I just can't seem to shake.


That being said I am going to be used as a companion / pasture pet ONLY.  This is for your safety and mine as well. I have stayed here so long to really build up my confidence and trust, and they believe I have reached a point where I can trust someone else to love me. They don’t want me to fall into the wrong hands again and something happen where someone gets hurt and I end up in a bad place again. I deserve more than that.


I really am a good boy. And don’t you think I’m just so handsome?! I have a lot of love to give and I am eager to please. So if you think you could open your heart up to me I would love to try to open my heart up to you. All I want is a place to call home, and someone to spend every day showing me that not all people are bad. If you promise me patience and understanding, I promise to make you laugh and fill your heart with joy. My life has been sad and scary, but now I know I deserve all the good this world has to offer, and most of all I deserve to live my life with the best Second Chance possible.

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