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Howdy! I’m Max! And today is your lucky day that you get to learn all about me! Hmm where to start, well, I’m a 5 year old, grey, full-blooded Arabian and stand at about 14.1- 14.2 hh. I have a larger than life personality, I’m ALWAYS making everyone laugh, and I tend to find lots of ways to get in trouble. They keep using the word ornery, I like to say it’s just curiosity. I’m known as the “annoying little brother”, but you try living with 3 females who just never seem to want to play with me! How rude!


I LOVE MUD! And I mean LOVEEE! Sometimes I don’t even remember what color I really am because I’m always dirty. I enjoy running, and rolling, and biting other horses' butts so they come to chase me, but that doesn’t seem to work very often. Sigh, I can’t wait to find friends who actually want to play with me. I like attention, all the attention, on me, always. I mean I am sooooo cute. How could you not want to give me all the attention? I like to show off and prance around, toss my head, and flip my luscious locks, so that everyone looks at me. Now I’m not bad all the time, I am sweet and will accept all the cuddles you want to give, but beware, any hats on your head are fair game to play with. What?! I just can’t help myself.


Everyone at SCEA has said they are super impressed with me. Even though I am young, and an Arabian, and a tad high strung, I learn super fast. I stand great for the vet and farrier. When I had a wound on my leg that needed to be taken care of, I did great with that, didn’t fuss or anything. When I first came to SCEA I was scared of that big scary thing they haul me in, but they worked with me and now I load and unload without any problems. I have exceeded expectations with liberty commands and lunging. I have had a saddle on before, even though i’m still not sure about that thing, I didn’t do too bad! I've never been ridden and of course I’m not broke yet, but that just means that I’m a great horse to take from start to finish. Someone is going to have to put time and effort into helping me learn the ways, but I’m ready and willing to be a big boy and learn to do big boy things!


Something cool happened during my rehabilitation process. SCEA actually found out some history about me! Typically with rescues that doesn’t happen, so this was exciting for everyone! I was bred and born in Maryland. Both my sire and dam are straight Egyptian, and my grandfather was a National Champion over in Australia, where my Dad was brought over from. So basically I’m a pretty big deal right?! Yeah, I think so too. Everyone at SCEA says I'm the most handsome and special boy. And you know what? I believe them. I think I’m one of a kind and I am going to make someone's life so much better just by being in it. I know I have left an imprint on everyone at SCEA and they are going to miss me and all of my silly shenanigans, but boy oh boy I can’t wait to have a place to call my own. My life is just beginning. So who wants to be the one to help me reach my fullest potential, to love me, guide me, and show me that I am deserving of the best Second Chance ever.

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