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Hi! I’m Penny! And I’m just a baby! Paige is my mommy, and we think I am about 13 months old. I am a healthy little girl except for a small umbilical hernia that seems to be resolving on its own.


When SCEA first came to get me, I had never been haltered before, so wow was that an experience, but now I’m basically a pro. Once I learned that biting and kicking was a no-no, everyone could see a positive change in my personality. I used to be a sour patch kid. First, I was sour, then I was sweet. But moving to a new place with new people being so little was scary stuff.


I’ve learned a lot being at SCEA. They have taught me to lead, load, stand for the farrier and vet. They have taught me right from wrong, patience, but most of all what love and kindness is. I got weaned from my mom, so I’m currently not with the rest of the horses I came with. But that means more one-on-one attention for me! I have been doing really good with fundamental groundwork, and they say I’m very soft and have a willingness to learn.


I am quite the little pistol, I’m developing my own personality, I'm super curious about things, and tend to find myself in trouble sometimes, but overall I’m a very good sweet girl. Some of my favorite things are treats, butt scratchins, treats, butt scratchins, brushins, and more treats. Did I mention butt scratchins?! I love those so much that I will back my booty right up to you and look back at you until you give in, which you will, because I’m just so darn cute.


Even though I’m just a baby, SCEA and I think that I have potential to be anything you want me to be! The possibilities are endless! I have my whole life ahead and I just want to find a family to spend it with. Will you be my new mommy or daddy? If I touched your heart like I have everyone else’s just click the link below to fill out an application and refer to the “Adoption Process” post for steps to follow. Thanks for listening to me and thinking about giving me my Second Chance!

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