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Rescue, Rehabilitate, Relocate and Re-educate

Second Chance Equine Association

(SCEA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and relocation of horses and other equine. We are not a sanctuary but commit our resources to helping equine in life threatening situations. SCEA is committed to providing quality equine education for both members and non-members, and their horses. We provide multiple free seminars every year on subjects from equine first aid to barn winterization. We also provide free and low-cost horsemanship clinics, helping participants improve their relationship with their horses, and helping their horses become safe and reliable partners.

Second Chance Equine Association Humane Police Officer Program

For years, SCEA has worked with other humane agencies and police departments to provide support for humane police officers (HPOs) who respond to calls involving cruelty to horses. We have been working to expand our capabilities and now have a second HPO that is working with us. We also obtained a dedicated phone line and email for our humane officers to use for their humane work, thus insuring direct access by the public to an officer while insuring confidentiality. We also fund their required continuing education and miscellaneous expenses. There are few agencies in southwestern PA that deal with large animals, especially horses, and we felt it was time to expand our services to the community.

New Humane Cases

Star 2

As of July 24, we have four new rescues. Paige (buckskin mare), Penny (Paiges filly), Max (Arabian gelding) and Star. These four came from a humane situation that our HPOs have been actively involved with and are now ready to begin the rehab process. As you can see we do have some work ahead of us to get them back in good health but we are optimistic! We are excited to see the progress these horses will make during their journey towards a Second Chance!

Armstrong County Rescue

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We are ecstatic to announce that Lakota has been officially adopted by two of our wonderful volunteers! The bond they share is undeniable. We couldn’t have found a better home for him! We are so incredibly excited to see what this life has in store for him and continue to watch him reach his highest potential. His future is so bright. His forever is here. Thank you to Anna and Linnea for loving him as much as we do. It’s time. Lakota’s Second Chance.

Lakota and Apache were not adopted together. We felt it was in their best interest to move on with their lives separately. They deal with each other because they are each other’s companion, but are not bonded. If they were bonded we would have made sure they went together but that was not the case with this situation. We always look out for the animals best interest.



Last month, not only did Lakota start the next chapter in his life by heading to Scott Downs for his month of training, but so did Apache. Yup! That's right! Apache has been adopted! All of us at SCEA always knew Apache was such a special soul. We knew he had so much to give, so much more to do on this earth. We found the most perfect place for him to do that.


The second his new mommy came to meet him, it was obvious. He chose her. There was an instant bond. An instant love. In that moment, everything fell into place. We could finally breathe a little easier. Not only has Apache found the best mom and dad, but he will have a purpose in life. Apache is now the newest member of STAT Inc. Apache will be used as a therapy horse to help kids with trauma. Not only is his story a remarkable one, but he will be a small part in all these kids stories as well. They can help fix each other. Humans have done all of them wrong and they will heal together. Apache has touched every life that met him during his time at SCEA, and thinking of all the lives he will get to touch at his new home makes us very happy.

We are excited to see what the future holds for these two. One chapter has closed and another has opened. This is why we do what we do. We will keep everyone updated on the progress of both Lakota and Apache. Please go check out STAT Inc. Facebook page and look at all the wonderful things they do. They are amazing. The time has FINALLY come that we can say Lakota AND Apache have officially been given their Second Chance


Did you know...?

A primary goal of SCEA is the prevention of abuse and neglect of our equine friends. Many times, neglect cases can, and have been, resolved by SCEA members and humane officers providing consultation, education, and help for unintentional horse neglectors. This, in many cases, helps avoid seizure and prosecution. While seizure is at times unavoidable, it is a serious drain on resources of both law enforcement and rescue organizations. 


This is why SCEA places great emphasis on education both before problems occur and when a problem is identified. We have had several recent cases resolved this way. Your support is vital for us to continue to provide quality education for horse owners. 


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Members Receive

  • Horse Club members receive $1,000,000.00 Personal Excess Equine Liability Insurance to protect you from financial responsibility for any property damage or injury to people their horse might cause. This protection follows you anywhere - at home, boarding stable, show or on the trail. 

  • Reduced fees for clinics.

  • Free admission to educational seminars.

  • Access to a large network of equine professionals to help with all of your horse questions.

  • Invitations to all SCEA events.

!!  Important - if you plan to purchase a membership with insurance, January 1 is the best time to do that. Here's why. !!

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

— Martin Luther King Jr.